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UAAG 1.0: Some Linux Issues

From: JP Schnapper-Casteras <jp_sc@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 17:36:55 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <20020828003655.66850.qmail@web12706.mail.yahoo.com>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

Hi all,
   Today I read over UUAG 1.0 looking for Linux compliance issues. 
Here are some of the main ones:

- One main problem is that, with the possible exception of Mozilla, I
don't think developers of Linux user agents are very aware of
accessibility or wholly W3C standards compliant in general.  For
example, of the various Linux media players or media player plugins, I
would be (happily) suprised if there is support for captions.  Many of
the browsers and multimedia players / agents on Linux are still in
active development.  As a result, there is just limited functionality
when it comes to, say, adjusting the speed of a multimedia clip.

Possible Action Item (for me and /or someone else who volunteers): talk
to the creators of Konqueror and Nautilis (which uses Mozilla's
rendering engine).  Also, talk to the developers of multimedia players.

- Another big problem is the assumption that there are standard APIs
and conventions for things like keyboard configuration, UI design, and
access to what the user agent is doing.  One part of this problem is
that the APIs don't exist in some cases (e.g., 6.1-6.6).  Another part
is that sometimes there are multiple APIs -- if there are several, how
do we judge which one is the standard?  Also, each desktop environment
tends to have its own way changing configurations (e.g., keyboard),
installing products, vieweing documentation, etc.  Each version or
distribution of Linux has its own mechanism for installing products or
"packages".  This question of determining what is "standard" or
"conventional" when there are multiple permutations of an OS is a hard
one.  There are similar wording complications when it comes to making
Linux 508 compliant.  I'm talking with some people from the
Accessibility Forum trying to figure this out, if anyone else is

1.5: Does a common security arch exist?

4.7: Does a truly global volume control exist (/me thinks so)

6.1 - 6.6: I don't think these APIs exist (e.g., Konqueror)

6.7: Are there more than one keyboard APIs? 

Possible Action Item (for me and others who are interested): Continue
to think about if there is a reasonable way to determine what is
standard and conventional under Linux?  For example, can we base it off
the Linux Standard Base?  Also, can we incorporate
accessibility-related APIs into the LSB? (URL: www.linuxbase.org)

Comments, questions, and answers are all welcomed.


--JP Schnapper-Casteras

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