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Raw minutes from 9 Jan 2001 UAWG teleconference

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 18:51:26 -0500
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9 January 2001 UA Guidelines Teleconference


Minutes of previous meeting 4 January:

Next meeting: 11 January 2001
   Regrets for that meeting: HB

   Jon Gunderson, Ian Jacobs (scribe), Eric Hansen, Harvey Bingham,
   Gregory Rosmaita, Jim Allan, Rich Schwerdtfeger, Charles
   McCathieNevile (briefly).

   Kitch Barnicle

    Mickey Quenzer, Kitch Barnicle, Tim Lacy, David Poehlman


  1.Next User Agent face-to-face meeting in Boston on 1-2 March 2001
    Meeting page: 

    JG: Some time at this meeting may be for final decisions regarding
    end game for this document:

    Definite yes: HB, GR, JG, IJ
    Probable: RS
    Not sure: EH
    Definite no: JA


    1.Looking for a UA representative at coordination group meeting on
      Feburary at all working group meeting in Boston

    2.Update on glossary group formed in WCAG

    3.Update on joint meetings at all working group meeting


    4.Issue #430: Checkpoint 3.2: Animations, not just animated images

    IJ: Distinguish: 
      - image formats, animations through markup (e.g., SMIL), 
        scripts, style sheets. We have checkpoints for control of
        scripts and style sheets. 

    JG: What about flash?

    GR: Yes, increasingly used to create animated effects.

    IJ: Probably need:
       - A definition of "animation". What does this include?
       - Consistent use of term "animation"

    IJ: But heads-up - you can't really expand 3.2 to include
    other forms of animation so easily (e.g., a full flash
    presentation). But 4.4 is a broader class of animations.

    EH: The definition of "presentation" may need review (since
    URIs are required).

    Action IJ and EH to review the definition of "presentation" to
    possibly drop URI-dependencies.

   /* Charles joins the call */

   CMN: Currently, the basic guide to making flash accessible is to
   provide an alternative. So the argument that it's not intuitive
   to provide an alternative doesn't fly. In the case of SMIL
   animation, animations have no impact on the DOM: it's style.

   IJ: What about synchronized content? It seems like Guideline
   4 is the appropriate place for control of synchronized info.
   CMN: In the SVG case, the document can contain all of the
   content, and the style changes depend on time. So when you
   configure the UA to not render animations, you "kill" all pieces
   and allow manual activation. 

   CMN: I think the G4 effectively cover what we would be talking
   IJ: Due to synchronization I think this is a complex issue. 
   If you render a document but not some time-sensitive parts,
   the whole presentation/animation may be altered (in meaning).

   JG: Another scenario: the whole presentation is an animation
   so the placeholder would link to itself.


    - No change to the document since we are uncertain about
      the impact of turning off animations in general and then
      turning them on later.

   Action IJ and EH: Work on definition of "animation" that
   identifies "animated image" as a special case. Also talks
   about script effects, style sheets effects, markup languages
   as being able to create animations. (Blinking not part of

/* Charles leaves */

    5.Issue #431: New requirement: conforming UA must make available 
                  preferences through API.

    IJ: Does a plug-in need to go through the UA, or can it query the

    RS: It depends on what language it's written in. You can,
    in Java, query the OS directly. I don't think we should 
    require UAs to pass through preferences.

    JG: I think that we should note that the UA should make config
    information available to plug-ins, players, and other software.

    RS: You may be introducing security/privacy holes if the plug-in
    can write to the OS. I don't believe there are standards for
    making available config information to plug-ins.


    - No standard mechanism for doing this today to our knowledge, 
      so we will not add a checkpoint (no implementation experience)
      to this version of the document.

    Action IJ: Ask the reviewer to provide an example of how this
    would be done, for inclusion in the techniques document.

    6.Issue #432: Checkpoint 3.4: Overlaps with 3.2


       - We distinguish blinking images from animated images
         and have different requirements for each (e.g., no need
         to slow down blinking). Therefore, no change to the

    7.Issue #433: Checkpoint 3.6: Is control required when redirection

     GR: So, for example META with a redirect value of "0".

     IJ: How slow is slow enough to be annoying?

     GR: Check out AERT document - it addresses the "0" value. 
         (ERWG has discussed this). Some client-side redirected
         pages have content, others do not. Some authors use
         this as a hack rather than doing server-side redirect.


     - Agree to make change to 3.6 suggested by reviewer.
     - Add a technique that the UA allow configuration to
       allow manual link anyway for 0 time.
     Action IJ: Change 3.6 to account for instantanous redirect.

    8.Issue #434: Checkpoint 4.13: Clarify that the user must be able to 
                  override author-specified volumes.


      - For 4.9, add an configuration option to override 
           author-specified and UA default settings for global volume.
      - For 4.10, 4.12: Add Note after checkpoints to clarify
           that this includes override of author-specified

    9.Issue #435: Checkpoint 4.14: Is this for content only or UI as


    - No, the checkpoint in question (speech paramter control)
      is for content only.

    /* Additional discussion on different headings */

   EH: Should we incorporate "for UI accessibility" into checkpoints?
       They are normative, it would seem.

   IJ: Only "through an API" is normative right now. I agree that if
   the groupings

   JG: We will continue the discussion about checkpoint groupings
   at the next meeting.

No change to open action items:

    1.IJ: Update 8.8 techniques. 
    2.IJ, EH, AG: Propose new definitions forterms in question
(equivalence, text element, etc.) 
    3.IJ: Get wording from Martin for thisrequirement (e.g., "conform",
"implement", etc.) for issue 327 
    4.IJ: Add a P3 checkpoint on user control of windows that
automatically close 
    5.IJ: Add a clarification to checkpoint 4.20 including: 
            If a viewport includes other viewports, then this
requirement only applies to the topmost viewport. 
            Add a Note that other requirements still apply to
    6.IJ: Delete second sentence from 4.21 
    7.IJ: Add to end of first sentence "with which it overlaps" in
checkpoint 4.21 
    8.IJ: Add "that benefit accessibility" to end of second sentence of
checkpoint 5.8 
    9.IJ: Put a note in the definition of active element that this does
not include selection. (optional clarification note) 
   10.IJ: Include selection and focus in note after 1.1 as examples of
what must be done. 
   11.JG: Implementation information for guideline 2 
   12.JG: Propose a list of things we areexpecting UAs to recognize in
   13.JG: Schedule face-to-face time with other WGs (need to contact
voice and mobile) 
   14.JG: Propose text for the techniques document about synthesized
speech implementation issues. Notably UA and AT wanting to
      use the same synthesizer engine. 
   15.JG: Create issue list for things that need to be addressed in the
next version of the document 
   16.GR: Review checkpoints in Guideline 10 for implementation
   17.GR: Talk to Håkon about CSS support. 
   18.GR: Talk to AFB about captioning and positioning 
   19.JA: Review checkpoints in Guideline 4 for implementation
   20.MQ: Send more details about control of speech parameters for the
techniques document based on OpenBook. 
   21.KB: Submit technique on providing information on current item and
number of items in search 

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