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Re: Font size for Alt text display

From: Karl Ove Hufthammer <huftis@bigfoot.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 21:10:45 +0200
Message-ID: <006001bff27e$38dbe740$7f369fc3@huftis>
To: <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>, "Harvey Bingham" <hbingham@ACM.org>
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From: "Harvey Bingham" <hbingham@ACM.org>
To: <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 8:03 PM
Subject: Font size for Alt text display

| I note that in IE5, NSN and Amaya there is no way I can find to enlarge
| the font size of the text so presented (as a tool tip.)

You can, at least for IE. Just right-click on the Desktop and choose Properties
| Appearance | Element | Tool tips (I don't use the English version of Windows,
so I'm only guessing what these are called in English).

Karl Ove Hufthammer
Received on Thursday, 20 July 2000 15:11:19 UTC

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