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SV: Speech Viewer for JAWS?

From: Lars Holm Sørensen <lhs@diversa.dk>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 09:18:08 +0100
To: "'Mitchell Evan'" <mtchllvn@gmail.com>, "'Wright, Isaiah'" <Isaiah.Wright@ally.com>
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There is a speach history function in Jaws. 

It’s not as useful as what you see in NVDA or VO. However it will show the last phrase’s spoken by Jaws.


Press Jaws Key + “space” – Jaws will make a bleep sound, now press “h”.


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Emne: Re: Speech Viewer for JAWS?


When I've observed screen reader users in a UX research context, another challenge I've run into is not knowing what rapid series of keystrokes the user just hit. We have video for touchscreen interactions and screen capture for mouse movements. I wonder, can one of these tools record all screen reader keystrokes interleaved with the speech? That would be the winner, in my opinion.


Regarding your last question. As long as the text is getting appended to a file in near real time, there must be a way to view it. Something like Unix tail | YourTextViewerUtility.

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018, 3:41 PM Wright, Isaiah <Isaiah.Wright@ally.com <mailto:Isaiah.Wright@ally.com> > wrote:

I just got this /z option working and tested it out during one of my feedback sessions. This will be tremendously helpful when I go back and analyze multiple sessions to look for usability/accessibility issues. Thanks!


I wish they also had a real-time speech viewer so I can see what JAWS is saying during an actual feedback session. Some of my participants are super users and use a very high JAWS speech rate. I struggle to follow along and comprehend what is being read. A live speech viewer can help me follow along and process what the user is doing on screen.


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Subject: RE: Speech Viewer for JAWS?


As have previously mention, the /z option which does work in the latest version of Jaws saves everything to a log file. Very useful for debugging speech. Jaws from 18.0 and later is meant to show you where the cursor is in a web page. Not sure if the feature is on by default or not.



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Subject: RE: Speech Viewer for JAWS?


JAWS does have a Speech History view, but it only records about the last 40-50 lines of speech and it isn’t displayed like NVDA’s speech window.


If you have the option, you might just want to keep an audio record of the screen reader output if not a video record of it. 






From: Wright, Isaiah [mailto:Isaiah.Wright@ally.com] 
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Subject: RE: Speech Viewer for JAWS?


I just emailed them Steve. It looks promising. I can’t find a price tag on their website but I have a call setup with them a couple of weeks and I’m sure they will let me know what it costs.


Isaiah M. Wright

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Subject: RE: Speech Viewer for JAWS?


You could look at JAWS Inspect, which is supposed to do this – I will evaluate it when I get some time. It’s not cheap but it could be worth it if you do a lot of development or testing.




Steve Green

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Subject: Re: Speech Viewer for JAWS?


Isaiah, please have a look at Speech History to see if this is something like what you're looking for.
 <http://doccenter.freedomscientific.com/doccenter/doccenter/rs25c51746a0cc/2014_12_3_using_jaws_speech_history/02_Speech_History_Mode.htm> http://doccenter.freedomscientific.com/doccenter/doccenter/rs25c51746a0cc/2014_12_3_using_jaws_speech_history/02_Speech_History_Mode.htm

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Date:        2018-02-28 08:49 AM
Subject:        Speech Viewer for JAWS?



Sorry for the double post – I sent my previous email with the wrong subject line!



NVDA offers a great feature called Speech Viewer which allows you to visually see what the screen reader is saying. Does JAWS have an equivalent to this? Through a google search, I found a thread from 2013 that suggested using JAWS Braille viewer. It looked promising but it only displays the first 40 characters of what is being read.


I am a user experience (UX) researcher and I’m conducting some accessibility testing on our site with real users. It would be great if I could read and save everything that the screen reader is saying. This will help me analyze what users did so that I can make recommendations to our creative teams on things they can change in order to make users’ experiences more delightful.



-Isaiah M. Wright




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