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RE: WCAG 2.0 and scripting

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Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 13:27:46 +0100
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My understanding is that V2 is still in Draft? - If so then software
vendors should not be able to claim compliance against V2 but adhere to
V1 of the guidelines. In which case the test will be whether or not it
passes checkpoints such as checkpoint6.3. Harry's email suggests that it
does not so until V2 is officially issued (which will be good news) then
surely this does not meet compliance 

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> Harry Loots

> The biggest stumbling block in meeting Level AA compliance, 
> is that the
> software is reliant on javascript to deliver a critical part of its
> functionality. This is not easy to fix. 
> Software provider is trying to claim that they are developing 
> to WCAG 2.0
> standards and that under WCAG 2.0 it would be possible to 
> claim compliance,
> despite the fact that this functionality provided via 
> Javascript may not be
> available to all users.

I believe it comes down to whether or not Javascript is considered
"accessibility supported"

If done the right way, Javascript can work fine with AT like screen
readers, and my gut feeling would be that there are
"accessibility-supported  user agents that are available to users" that
support it fine.

Granted, this shuts out users who (through choice, or situations beyond
their control) can't/won't run Javascript, but I believe that under WCAG
2.0 that's fine (as it's about access for users with disabilities, not
"universal access").

IMHO, of course.

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