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RE: additional label question

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@sidar.org>
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 14:26:53 +1000
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Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 12:58:21 +1000

> > I am wondering, could you have have:
> > .hide { display: none; }
> >
> > And will screen readers still read that?
> No, they won't read it. Joe Clark already posted a link to a
> collection of information about this. It is worthwhile reading.

That's not exactly accurate.  It's not quite as simple as Joe makes it out
to be.  Whether an element with such styling is read also depends on how  
style is applied.

It is safe to say that display: none can be used to always hide content  
aural rendering (in JAWS, Window-Eyes, and HPR anyway), but not that using
display:none any way you please will accomplish this.

See http://www.webaccessibility.info/lab/displaytest.html for more info.


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