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Best practices in online captioning

From: Joe Clark <joeclark@joeclark.org>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 13:14:28 -0400
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The better part of a year in the making, and created in conjunction 
with the TILE project <http://barrierfree.ca/tile/>, I've written 21 
chapters on the topic of best practices in online captioning:


Of particular interest is the list of every known method of using 
<embed> and/or <object> with valid code:


We may see additions to and deletions from that list. Ideally it 
should be on a wiki somewhere, perhaps. If you get one of those 
methods to work or break under a certain environment, do let me know.

These files have been ready for a while, but there was some question 
as to their ultimate home. I have decided to cut bait rather than 
fish and am posting them myself. There are a lot of things I couldn't 
get done on that project, so there's room for a version 2.0. Also, I 
had to do another round of fixes to character encoding and 
validation, so if anything pops up invalid, let me know there, too 
(though I triple-checked).


     Joe Clark | joeclark@joeclark.org
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     Expect criticism if you top-post
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