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ATutor 1.3.2 Released

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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:54:46 -0500
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February 19 2004

ATutor 1.3.2 has been released. ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind.

New in this Release:

*SCORM Conformant Content Packaging: ATutor will create content packages that can be exported to other SCORM conformant systems, and ATutor can import content from those same systems.

*Upgraded Content Editor: A tabbed layout allows instructors to switch between the content editor, document properties, keywords/metadata editor, glossary editor, and preview screens.

*New Look & Feel for Intro Pages: The login screen, browse courses, registration, and other ATutor introductory screens have been redesigned with a more attractive appearance. Administrators can customize the logo and background image on these screens to match their organization's appearance

*ATutor Free Course Server: We have setup ATutor  to allow ATutor.ca members who do not have access to an ATutor installation to develop content and  teach their courses from the ATutor Course Server.

*PostNuke Module (pnATutor): Thanks to the efforts at NUY.info, ATutor can now be run within a PostNuke environment, adding an LCMS to the already rich collection of content management tools found in PostNuke.

*Additions and Enhancements: And, as usual, lots of minor fixes, additions, and enhancements.

Currently being Developed for an Upcoming ATutor Release:

*Content Accessibility Checker: The next release  will have its own utility to review content and ensure it will be accessible to all potential ATutor users. Support will be available for WCAG 1.0 (and WCAG 2.0 when it is finalized), as well as Section 508 and European standards.

*TILE Learning Objects Repository: We have already successfully imported content from the TILE repository into ATutor, and we are currently working on the other half of the tool set to allow ATutor content developers to submit content into the repository.

*SCORM Run Time: With IMS and SCORM content packaging in place, we are now focusing effort on developing a SCORM compliant run time environment for ATutor.

*Teaching Assistants: Instructors will be able to assign various instructor functionality to teaching assistants.

*Redesigned Tracker: Content tracking, preference, and tool usage statistics collection, processing, and display are being upgraded  in preparation for the introduction of the "Intelligent Tutor" that will analyze usage patterns and assist students in configuring ATutor to their way of learning.

*Assignment Manager: Students will be able to submit and manage their assignments, and instructors and  teaching assistants can review submissions, assign marks, and provide feedback.

*ACollab Addon: The ATutor addon module is being developed to allow external application  to run with ATutor. Similar to pnATutor, which allows ATutor to run within the PostNuke content management system, the ATutor addon utility will allow ACollab (and other similar applications) to run within ATutor, adding a set of tools for conducting group learning activities within ATutor.

For more information about other features visit the ATutor home site:

ATutor Demos

ATutor Documentation

Download ATutor
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