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Re: [OT] Re: grouping and bypassing links

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@sidar.org>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 19:52:18 +0100
Message-Id: <6BF6C1C4-580C-11D8-B9B3-000A958826AA@sidar.org>
Cc: Gabriel Bulfon <gbulfon@cgp.gba.gov.ar>, "WAI Mailing list (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
To: James Craig <wai-ig@cookiecrook.com>

Hola Gabriel, James

Actually this is on topic, because as Gabriel pointed out this comes 
from the WCAG techniques. Some years ago, some tools recognised a map 
and would allow the user to just pass over it.

HTML 4 was designed so that map could contain a set of links that were 
available to be an imagemap, or could be presented as a simple block of 
text links. HTML 4.01 included very few changes to the DTD, but one of 
them was specifically designed to make this approach work better with 
existing tools - allowing groups of text links as well as map elements, 
whereas it had previously insisted on one or the other.

This is probably something that should be taken up again in the 
Techniques task force of the WCAG group. Development in browsers has 
not really gone in that direction, and we seem to be stuck for the 
moment with actually putting little links around the page instead of 
having tools that help pass over a block of them.

In other words, the map element isn't incorrect, but it is less helpful 
than the designers of HTML hoped, and I agree that you should have your 
list of elements inside it also in a list element. For two links it is 
not clear whether the extra link to skip them is worthwhile, but if you 
have five or six then it is a good idea to put it there, since so few 
people will be able to make use of your markup.



On 5 Feb 2004, at 18:50, James Craig wrote:

> Gabriel Bulfon wrote:
>> I write some like this:
>> <map title="Menu de navegación">
>>             <a href="#firstOption" tabindex="1">Saltear barra de
>> navegacion</a> |             <a href="index.htm" class="Menu" 
>> title="Página de Inicio"
>> tabindex="2" accesskey="I" hreflang="es">Inicio</a> | <a 
>> href="Contacto.htm" class="Menu" title="Acceso a la Página de 
>> Contacto"
>> tabindex="3" accesskey="C" hreflang="es">Contacto</a> |
>> </map>
>> <h1><a name="firstOption">Opciones en esta pagina</a></h1>
> Everything looks right except for the <map> tags. Those shouldn't be 
> there. Try looking up unordered lists instead (<ul>)...
> That aside, this message is off the topic of accessibility and would 
> be better suited for an HTML help list or a general web dev help list 
> like WebDesign-L.
> Good luck,
> James
> PS. As a pre-emptive avoidance, the W3C HTML list is not the 
> appropriate  place for this either.
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