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Re[2]: Full text online: Accessible Web Typography - an introduction for web designers

From: Mike Brown <mike@signify.co.nz>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 13:15:13 +1300
Message-ID: <749214261.20040204131513@signify.co.nz>
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Geoffrey> One thing I noticed in my own development is that (this only seems to affect
Geoffrey> MS Internet Explorer) if you encode the font sizes in your page using
Geoffrey> percentages, the ability to resize the text on-the-fly (view -> text size ->
Geoffrey> smallest, smaller, medium, larger, largest) is "dampened"; whereas if you
Geoffrey> encode font sizes using ems, the ability to resize text on-the-fly is
Geoffrey> "amplified".  Although most online typography resources seem to indicate
Geoffrey> that ems are the preferred size unit, it's apparent that this can be used to
Geoffrey> advantage for certain purposes...


Geoffrey> I discovered this while performing a variety of tests. Perhaps you did also
Geoffrey> - but thought I'd pass along the info just in case. In my case, I had
Geoffrey> programmed a web page using ems, but IE allowed the font to be scaled down
Geoffrey> so far as to be useless, and so huge that the design was destroyed. After
Geoffrey> some tweaking using % shrunk the zoom range and allowed some alteration by
Geoffrey> the user and preserved the site design.


Just as a quick answer to solving *this* problem with IE, (there's
apparently a lot more problems :) if you set the size of the font as % within
body, and use ems elsewhere, then IE only shrinks text down to a
certain level under (view -> text size -> smallest). So, allowing that
you don't make the body size % too small, you can use ems and not have
this problem with IE.

As an example, and purely just for this!, our site:
uses "font-size: 76%;" within the body and ems for all other sizings.
Reducing text size in IE to "smallest" still allows me to read the
text - albeit that it is small. Whereas in Jim's example that you
referred to, I couldn't read anything.

Apparently this is just one of those features of IE!


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