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RE: Cocoon

From: Steven Dale <sdale@stevendale.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:43:00 -0400 (EDT)
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To: <gdeering@acslink.net.au>
Cc: <sdale@stevendale.com>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>

Lenya is new to me.... looks like it could be a great way to have authors
contribute to the website without breaking the accessibility.  Have you
played with it?


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>> From: Steven Dale
>> Geoff,
>>    I am getting ready to play around with Cocoon with an eye towards
>> Accessiblity.  I believe it would be a great tool if we can get it
>> working in a best practices type of way.  Have you played with it?   I
>> was involved a couple years ago when developing web content for both
>> the PCs and WAP phones.  I think it would be great to tailor the page
>> output based upon the user's preferences.
>> -Steve
> Hi,
> Lisa Seeman, from UBAccess (http://www.ubaccess.com/cog.html) and WAI-GL
> worked on a large project within the last year using Cocoon.  I'm pretty
> sure that's right, it looked like Cocoon to me, in fact I'm sure it was.
> I put my hand up on WAI-GL to cover server-side techniques, but my
> participation rate over there and ATAG is close to zero at present.  But
> I have the intention to really look into this.
> The people on the Apache/Cocoon list are open to anyone redeveloping
> their XSLT so that the pages generated on that site are closer to W3C
> standards, so if you want to do that, get on the list and put your hand
> up, because if you do, it would showcase what could be done with that
> approach.
> I'm just getting it all set up under the same Linux Distro that I host
> under, but still working out the pros and cons of installing by source
> (RH9) and apt-get (Debian).  Cocoon/Java/Lenya install much easier under
> Windows. I just need to make sure I can do what I want without too many
> dramas.
> Oreilly has just put out an Axkit book, I'm looking at that, because it
> is so lightweight compared to Cocoon, but Cocoon is so much more
> powerful.
> I am also looking at Forrest for simple site regeneration.  Maybe
> keeping forrest on my local machine and just copying the generated files
> to the site.
> I've been following Apache/Cocoon/Lenya for about 5 years, but it seems
> that Lenya has only really come to maturity as far as prime time around
> now.
> I do like Cocoons architecture and features, it to me shows the results
> of a great collaborative development effort.  It makes far more sense
> than many other CMSs out there, it's very different, but when you look
> at the whole thing, it makes the most sense by far.  In just needs a
> user interface for content developers with all the required CMS features
> (Lenya).
> Geoff
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