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ACollab Work Groups 1.1 Released

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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 15:39:58 -0400
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June 14, 2004

ACollab Work Groups 1.1 Released

ACollab is a fully accessible, open source, multi-group, Web-based collaborative work environment.

ACollab is available as a work groups *addon for ATutor 1.4* , and as a standalone collaborative work environment that will run on its own. ACollab is ideal for groups working at a distance developing documentation, collaborating on research, or writing joint papers, and ideal for online educators who wish to add group learning activities to their ATutor courses. 

* *ACollab 1.1 Features* * 

*Document Drafting Room*: Group members can work within a Web-based  document versioning system, collaborating on document development and publication. Documents developed in the Drafting Room can be transferred to the Shared Documents Library once finalized. 

*Shared Documents Library*: Group members can submit documents to the library, from which other group members, or public members, can retrieve those documents for viewing or downloading.

*Events Calendar*:  Events can be posted to the calendar by all group members, to announce activities, meetings, due dates, or other group related happenings. 

*News & Announcements*: Group administrators, or system administrators, can post news to be presented to members when they first login to a group. 

*Group Membership Index*: Group members can view other group members' profiles and contact information. 

*Mail Inbox*: Members can communicate with each other privately.

*AChat-PHP*: Accessible synchronous communication is possible between group members, ideal for online meetings or group socializing.

*AForum*: AForum is an enhanced version for the ATutor forums. Members post message for others to retrieve later. Forums can be set to read only, reply only, as open discussions, or can be hidden from view.
*Multi-Lingual Interface*: Language can be modified by system administrators, or new language packs can be created using the ATutor.ca translation tools.

*Accessibility Compliance*: Group member, group administrator, and system administrator tools are all compliant with international accessibility standards (WCAG 1.0, Section 508 US) so people with disabilities can participate fully in collaborative and administrative activities.

*Group Leaders*: Create chat transcripts, define folders for sorting documents, assign group membership roles, create and manage forums, create mailing lists, post news and announcements, and manage group members.

*System Administrator*: Create and manage groups, manage the system languages, and manage all users on a system. 

* *ACollab Translation* *:
ATutor is currently available in English, with French, Italian, and Spanish nearing completion. The ACollab translation site is setup to accept translations for many other languages. For those who have been involved in translating ATutor, their current translator account will grant them access to the ACollab translation tools. For others who wish to translate ACollab, or join a group currently translating, register on the ATutor.ca Web site, login, then request a translator account through MyATutor.

ACollab Translation


* * More About ACollab* *

For more about ACollab visit the ATutor.ca Web site at the links listed below:

ACollab Info:

ACollab HowTo:

ACollab Demos

ACollab Download
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