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RE: [WAI-IG] Date & number format

From: Cheryl D. Wise <cdwise@wiserways.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 08:34:39 -0600
To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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And being in the US I would use MM-DD-YYYY. That's where the problem comes
in but in reality as long as it is clearly stated which format you want/need
people to use it doesn't really matter because intuitive is only good for
local users not only because of the different date structure order but also
because of the different separators people use. I then to use - but my bank
requires /, neither is wrong but can mess up some validators. It does on my
bank site and drives me nuts when I get an error and have to go back and
change it as I have to do at least half of the time.

Same thing about someone's earlier comment on requiring the + on phone
numbers. In the US we don't use + so for many, if not most people it
wouldn't register what they are being asked to provide.

Forms are difficult unless you know for a fact that you will only get
visitors from a limited geographic area. I have friends in New Zealand and
Singapore who complain that the most commonly used contact and order forms
will not accept their addresses because they don't allow enough lines or
require items such as county or state that aren't used in their countries.

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From: tina@greytower.net

  Not, but the format

    "xx monthname year-with-four-digits"

  work in all contexts; written - of course - fully and in the same
  natural language as the document itself.

  If you then want to use the ISO format internally, fine. However, if
  you MUST use an abbreviated, locale-dependent, format towards the end
  user, then I still suggest dd-mm-yyyy - and, of course, always include
  that, as the OP had done.

    <label for="date">Date (in dd-mm-yyyy format)</label>
    <input type="text"

  would be my suggestion.
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