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RE: [WAI-IG] Date & number format

From: <jon@hackcraft.net>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 13:29:52 +0000
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> Here is an easy to understand reason for designs that use short
> dates that has nothing to do 
> with the intellect level of the client - data base limitations.

Why would you store the date as a string? Databases prefer something like 
1071187200000 to either 12/12/2003, 12/12/2003, or any other format.

> Clearly 
> stating the date format used on a site [or page of a site]
> and consistently following that format 
> should minimize date confusion for ALL users.  This
> applies to both rendered dates as well as 
> input formats on forms.

It would still be far clearer to use the names of months and <select> elements 

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