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ATutor Feedback Request

From: info <info@atutor.ca>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 12:42:15 -0500
Message-ID: <3F9EAA77.5060308@atutor.ca>
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

Hello All

A release candidate of ATutor V1.3 has been made available for testing 
and feedback.

We are particularly interested in hearing from the accessibility 
experts, and whether ATutor is as accessible as we think it is. We are 
going to claim WCAG AA+ compliance. The production release should be 
available mid November.

For those reviewing ATutor's accessibility, keep mind that it is an 
adaptive learning environment, in addition to being accessible, so with 
the default settings set there will be more navigation elements 
displayed than most people would use. These are intended to accommodate 
differences in the ways people prefer to learn. Just about everything is 
optional through the preference settings, so most of the redundant 
navigation elements can be turned off or reconfigured to optimize ATutor 
for use with assistive technologies. If you create your own account on 
the demo server (find the Register link), you can choose to have the 
default accessibility settings applied during registration, or they can 
be applied by selecting the accessibility option from the preset 
preferences after you have logged in.

Be sure to notice the 4 hidden bypass links in the top left corner of 

The newest accessibility feature is a dynamically generated menu bypass 
link (the second link in the bypass links mentioned above). This link is 
updated automatically when a content page is active in a session, so 
users can use the link to jump to the currently active topic or module 
opened in the menu, and continue navigating from there. We are 
particularly interested in hearing how well (or not) the dynamic menu 
bypass works for screen reader users.

ATutor V1.3RC1 can be downloaded and installed for local testing, or 
reviewers can log into our demo server. Login using login guest , 
password guest, for a student demo. Or, login with the username demo and 
the password demo, then access the Play Here Course through Browse 
Courses screen, for an instructor demo

ATutor Demo Server (and HowTo documentation)

ATutor V1.3RC1 Download

IMS Content Packaging now Available
Sure to be of interest to the online educators among you, ATutor is now 
compliant with the IMS Content Packaging specifications, so it is now 
possible to reuse and redistribute content created in ATutor, and import 
content packages from other compliant systems, the first time this is 
possible (as far as we know) in an Open Source learning content 
management system.

Post your feedback to the ATutor forums or send it to infoATatutor.ca.

ATutor Forums

Greg Gay
University of Toronto
Received on Wednesday, 29 October 2003 00:46:11 UTC

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