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Re: ATutor Feedback Request

From: info <info@atutor.ca>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 10:09:31 -0500
Message-ID: <3F9FD82B.6030909@atutor.ca>
To: Jamal Mazrui <Jamal.Mazrui@fcc.gov>
Cc: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

Hello Jamal
ATutor is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS), something like 
Blackboard, or WebCT, but Open Source. It's used to create and deliver 
online courses.

See http://www.atutor.ca for more info


Jamal Mazrui wrote:

>I'm not familiar with this program.  What is ATutor ?
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>Subject: ATutor Feedback Request
>Hello All
>A release candidate of ATutor V1.3 has been made available for testing 
>and feedback.
>We are particularly interested in hearing from the accessibility 
>experts, and whether ATutor is as accessible as we think it is. We are 
>going to claim WCAG AA+ compliance. The production release should be 
>available mid November.
>For those reviewing ATutor's accessibility, keep mind that it is an 
>adaptive learning environment, in addition to being accessible, so with 
>the default settings set there will be more navigation elements 
>displayed than most people would use. These are intended to accommodate 
>differences in the ways people prefer to learn. Just about everything is
>optional through the preference settings, so most of the redundant 
>navigation elements can be turned off or reconfigured to optimize ATutor
>for use with assistive technologies. If you create your own account on 
>the demo server (find the Register link), you can choose to have the 
>default accessibility settings applied during registration, or they can 
>be applied by selecting the accessibility option from the preset 
>preferences after you have logged in.
>Be sure to notice the 4 hidden bypass links in the top left corner of 
>The newest accessibility feature is a dynamically generated menu bypass 
>link (the second link in the bypass links mentioned above). This link is
>updated automatically when a content page is active in a session, so 
>users can use the link to jump to the currently active topic or module 
>opened in the menu, and continue navigating from there. We are 
>particularly interested in hearing how well (or not) the dynamic menu 
>bypass works for screen reader users.
>ATutor V1.3RC1 can be downloaded and installed for local testing, or 
>reviewers can log into our demo server. Login using login guest , 
>password guest, for a student demo. Or, login with the username demo and
>the password demo, then access the Play Here Course through Browse 
>Courses screen, for an instructor demo
>ATutor Demo Server (and HowTo documentation)
>ATutor V1.3RC1 Download
>IMS Content Packaging now Available
>Sure to be of interest to the online educators among you, ATutor is now 
>compliant with the IMS Content Packaging specifications, so it is now 
>possible to reuse and redistribute content created in ATutor, and import
>content packages from other compliant systems, the first time this is 
>possible (as far as we know) in an Open Source learning content 
>management system.
>Post your feedback to the ATutor forums or send it to infoATatutor.ca.
>ATutor Forums
>Greg Gay
>University of Toronto
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