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Re: Helping Jaws (et al) pronounce our company name

From: <jon@spin.ie>
Date: Wed Sep 24 07:24:55 2003
To: 'WAI Interest Group' <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20030924112454.5E4A713404@dr-nick.w3.org>

John Trollope <John.Trollope@unumprovident.co.uk> wrote :

> Of course, I am going to propose that we write a page
> suggesting our users with screen readers to do this for
> certain company and industry specific words, however, are
> there any meta tags that Jaws can recognise for this?
> Ideally, I'd like something like:
> <meta tag="ScreenReader" ActualWord="unum"
> ReplacementWord="you num">

Well that isn't even close to HTML. To get somewhere near that with meta elements would need something along the lines of <meta name="screenreader" contents="actual='unum'; replace='ju: n^m'" />.

This seems quite the wrong place to put that sort of information, which is essentially style information.

Potentially there could be a large number of these items, the are also likely to be heavily re-used on a given site, and of course they are of no value to many user-agents - all of which would suggest that a reference to another file would be the solution with something like <link rel="pronounce" type="some/newtype+xml" href="somewhere" />

Generally though, I think I'd prefer the idea of pushing this onto the CSS level.
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