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a bit ot:Fw: More Surfers Browse With Safari

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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 18:15:49 -0400
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some might find the stats interesting.

PC World.com

More Surfers Browse With Safari
Use of Apple's Web browser has more than doubled since February.

Peter Cohen, MacCentral.com
Thursday, July 31, 2003

Web analytics research firm OneStat.com revealed this week global usage
statistics for leading Web browsers. Apple Computer saw the global usage
share of
its Safari browser more than double since February, according to the

OneStat.com indicated that Safari increased its global usage share from
0.11 percent to 0.25 percent since February 2003. Based on KHTML from
KDE's Konqueror
open source project, Apple Computer's Safari browser was released in
January as a public beta test version. The software was downloaded more
than five
million times during its beta test, according to Apple.

Apple released
1.0 in June, along with a software development kit that enables Mac OS X
developers to embed the Safari HTML rendering engine in their own
IE on Top

OneStat.com reports shows that Microsoft's
Internet Explorer browsers
dominate 95.4 percent of the global usage share market. OneStat.com did
not distinguish between Mac and PC platforms, though the company
indicated that
IE 6.0 took 66.3 percent of the overall market, IE 5.5 14.5 percent, IE
5.0 12.7 percent, and IE 4.0 0.8 percent.

Trailing Internet Explorer was Mozilla, the open-source Web browser
available for various platforms including Mac OS X, with 1.6 percent (an
upswell from
1.2 percent in February),
Netscape Navigator
had 0.6 percent, and Opera Software's Opera browser took 0.6 percent.

OneStat.com's reports are based on averages from last week. Research is
based on a sample of 2 million visitors to Web sites that utilize
technology. The company indicates that its Web analysis gathering
technology is installed on more than 50,000 Web sites in 100 countries.

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