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Re: Decorators with keyboards

From: Julia Collins <julia@we3.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 10:02:09 +0100
To: Stephen Morgan at Idamus <sgsmorgan@idamus.com>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <BB3D7621.1C39%julia@we3.co.uk>

On 18/7/03 9:17 am, "Stephen Morgan at Idamus" <sgsmorgan@idamus.com> wrote:

> We work with a lot of design agencies and our brief quite often is to take
> the designs and write the coding and programming that will make them work.
> You would not believe the crap that comes out of some design agencies. This
> business has too many people who do not understand the difference between
> design for print and design for the web.
It's about education. We are learning all the time, and we have to be
positive and pro-active. There has always been a tekkies/luvvies divide, but
really really it's better if we acknowledge each others' skills and educate
and inform one another, seeing the final product as a joint enterprise.

 Does anyone know of anyone who runs seminars on accessibility/usability for
design agencies?  In view of the forthcoming lawsuits, etc, this might be a
good business proposition (as well as endless good karma)?

btw, as a past print designer (and yes, once, but briefly, a pixel perfect
dreamweaver jockey and now, a burgeoning css/user testing queen - there's
evolution for you) the notion of accessibiity for print is almost as big a
question as that for the web.  The battle between "cool" (8pt gill with 16pt
leading??) and "accessible" (you have to use at least 14pt serifed face to
be legible??) is legendary. ( Neither of course is right, we are talking
dialectics and suitability for purpose here).

The great joy of the web is that you can look good AND be accessible to
everyone. And since design is all about problem solving, what an exciting
thing to be doing.

(back at work again)

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