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RE: No JavaScript for previous page and print screen

From: Matthew R. Moore <mrmoore@truman.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 15:14:59 -0500
To: "Jordan, Alixa" <ajj9@cdc.gov>
Cc: "W3C-WAI Interest Group" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>


If you want to try using ASP and a text-file, try adapting the "Content
Linking Component" as demonstrated at
http://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_examples.asp.  If you incorporate it in to
your pages (either hard-code or as an include), it works very well.

Set nl=Server.CreateObject("MSWC.NextLink")
If (nl.GetListIndex("directory/text_file_name.txt")>1) Then
>Previous Page</a>
<%End If%>

<a href="<%Response.Write(nl.GetNextURL("text/links2.txt"))%>">Next Page</a>

Where the text file contains your links with tab separators before their

page1.asp	Page 1
page2.asp	Page 2
page3.asp	Page 3

Hope this helps, Matt

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Subject: No JavaScript for previous page and print screen

My group is writing an Internet e-learning tool using HTML an asp.  Users
are guided through the modules in a linear fashion by "prev" and "next"
internal navigation links.  The design of the tool disables all common
browser toolbars except for the title bar and scrollbar.

The "next" link URLs are hard coded to direct the user to the next file.
However, instead of hard coding URLs into the "prev" links, we have used
JavaScript (history.back()) hoping that it would help us in the future from
re-coding all the "prev" links if we had to insert an additional page in the
middle somewhere.  We also used JavaScript for printing the current screen
(window.print ()).

My organization only obligates us to meet priority 1 of 508; but we still
make an earnest effort to implement as many of the accessibility laws and
guidelines as we can.  From my research, I believe that by using that
JavaScript code, we are not even meeting priority 1 508 requirements.  But
the information I've read on it seems vague and varied.

Does anyone know how we can implement these functionalities without using
JavaScript?  For example, maybe using asp?

Thanks in advance,

	 Alixa Jordan (Technical Communications Contractor)
(404) 639-5478      ajj9@cdc.gov
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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