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RE: Authoring Style Sheets RE: User style sheets was: pt vs px fo r font sizes

From: SHARPE, Ian <Ian.SHARPE@cambridge.sema.slb.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 11:37:15 +0100
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Agreed. But you are talking about a browser (Amaya) which many "power" users
probably haven't even heard of let alone the general public. And even if you
tidy up the interfaces you still need to know a bit about how styling works
and can be used to improve accessibility. I suspect few home users of the
internet have even heard of stylesheets? Some how we need to get "the word
on the street" about styling and provide a fool proof facility to help
people use them. I like the web site because it explains clearly and in
plain English what you are changing and the effect it will have. It doesn't
however solve the problem of how to inform people about the technique or how
to implement it? (Well, to be fair I haven't looked particularly hard so
maybe somebody will correct me) but something like... If you use browser ...
do this. I consider myself to be au fait with technology but it still took
me ages to find out how to implement user stylesheets under Mozilla. It's
actually very easy as I suspect it is for most browsers but finding out how
is generally less straight forward.


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font sizes

In fact other user agents allow people to create CSS styles.

In Amaya, it is done by example - you select something and style it by
selecting colours, size, borders, etc., then create a rule, and say what the
rule applies to. (At the moment the interface means you need to know how
selectors work - you have to give the name of an element or class, although
it provides as a defalt the one you have used as the example).

There is also a stylesheet editing tool for Mozilla, which could be used for
your user stylesheet, and likewise for Dreamweaver (I don't think
allows you to follow links and browse, nor to apply a stylesheet only for
authoring, but it should be possible to write a simple javascript extension
to do this if anyone is a Javascript programmer).

I suspect there are others, too.



On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, SHARPE, Ian wrote:

>As has already been pointed out IE is clearly not the only browser that
>supports CSS as stated on the web site.
[bit about using standards snipped]
the rest of
>the output, although simple, does seem to work well and I agree that it is
>much need tool for those unfamiliar with CSS.

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