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RE: Accessibility & Usability Testing

From: Robert B. Yonaitis <ryonaitis@hisoftware.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:49:52 -0400
To: "'phoenixl'" <phoenixl@sonic.net>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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> I'm wondering if the DTD that is linked to the web page at 
> http://www.hisoftware.com/access/cinterview.html is out of 

Yes it Was old and I asked them to update it.. It should be updated
before this gets sent

> I think I may not have been clear about my question on 
> "skipping" questions.  I wasn't referring to the subject not 
> answering a question, but more what if the interviewer has 
> decided to skip a question for some reason, e.g. the question 
> wasn't somehow relevant to the subject's use.

They can do that with reasons, Multi Reasons and Add Comments if

> I may also not been clear about my question on 
> characterization of responses. Rather than using a text field 
> for characterization, I was wondering if characterization 
> could be done by checkboxes using some set of 
> characterizations.  Maybe something like:
>      Answer comment:    ____________________________________
>      Answer comment characterizations:
>      ___  possible new feature               ___  potential 
> user problem

Yes that is possible and again will be released tomorrow.. As the
AccVerify usability Test Manager

> Another question is that the usability testing seems to be a 
> sub-process to accessibility.  Is it possible to configure 
> the system where the primary process is usability and the 
> accessibility/standards is a sub-process?

Yes, Again our Solutions are Designed to allow you to specify how to
work your process as per your needs or systems currently in place. So
order/arrange the process how you want, Write a Wrapper how you want,
our Services Division could work with you to customize our out of the
box solutions to meet your organizations needs, etc... 


We could integrate them into your content management system like we have
done with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server or Microsoft FrontPage

We could integrate them into custom systems that you may have.

We could install and Distribute them through your global test labs.

We could also train you on how to use the software and create integrated

I hope this helps
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