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RE: Accessibility & Usability Testing

From: phoenixl <phoenixl@sonic.net>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 08:36:52 -0700
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I'm wondering if the DTD that is linked to the web page at
http://www.hisoftware.com/access/cinterview.html is out of date.  I
didn't see any conditional definitions or maybe I'm misreading it.

I think I may not have been clear about my question on "skipping"
questions.  I wasn't referring to the subject not answering a
question, but more what if the interviewer has decided to skip a question
for some reason, e.g. the question wasn't somehow relevant to the subject's

I may also not been clear about my question on characterization of responses.
Rather than using a text field for characterization, I was wondering if
characterization could be done by checkboxes using some set of
characterizations.  Maybe something like:

     Answer comment:    ____________________________________

     Answer comment characterizations:

     ___  possible new feature               ___  potential user problem

     ___  possible software bug              ___  bring to attention of
                                                  document writer

     ___  problem in the user testing process

     ___  possible marketing/sales use

Another question is that the usability testing seems to be a sub-process
to accessibility.  Is it possible to configure the system where the
primary process is usability and the accessibility/standards is a


> I hope this clarifies the subject even more:
> > Hi, Rob
> > 
> > The posting helped to clarify the software.  A few more 
> > questions came up for with regards to the software.  One is 
> > how in the XQDF can conditions be specified for when to ask 
> > certain questions depending on the answers to previous questions.
> The XQF Is based on Question ID, The Final beta is complete and the
> first release should be tomorrow at noon. The XQDF Allows for
> Conditional Defines allowing for flow control based on, hmmmm, let's see
> if I can make this easy
> If QuestionID=Not Answered then NextID=Question ID Else next in flow
> > 
> > A second question is how does the person doing the interview 
> > indicate that a question was skipped and why the question had 
> > to be skipped?
> Not Answered or Let's say there is a customQueston:
> How would you rate your Internet Experience?
> [ ] Novice
> [ ] Beginner
> [ ] Intermediate
> [ ] Expert
> [ ] Geek
> [ ] None of the above
> [ ] I am skipping this one
> > Another feature I use when creating interviewing software is 
> > to provide for the ability to enter text related to the 
> > answers and to also choose from checkboxes various 
> > characterizations of the text answers.  The advantage to this 
> > is that it facilitates retrieval from database when 
> > analyzing answers.  This helps avoid the problem of computers 
> > poorly understanding the concepts represented in text, 
> > especially small blocks of text.  How would XQDF allow for 
> > specifications of characterizations of text related to the answer?
> That is up to the developer of the Question. There is a capability of
> allowing for related comments/text to any question. If used it can
> easily be queried from the open database or the XML Question/Answer
> File. The XQAF file or DB for a Project or Project group has the concept
> of a team or group of test takers for a particular subject/Object. The
> Answers are keyed to provide rapid comparison of answers and sorting by
> answer or category.
> Probably more important is that this whole system is developed to allow
> the tester to extend our solution in any way they can dream up the XQDF
> "File/Language" allows the user to script out how the Usability
> Interview will proceed for quick and effective test creation.
> As a side note, Value Added Add-Ons the AccVerify Usability Test Manager
> were created with the AccVerify Software Developers Kit.
> AccVerify Usability Test Manager Press Release
> Press Release: http://www.hisoftware.com/press/accutm.html
> Product Information: http://www.hisoftware.com/access/valueadd.html
> Developers Home: http://www.hisoftware.com/developer/accproducts.html
> Sample source code is available that shows how Developers can extend our
> base code/objects to create their own extension to our accessibility and
> usability products.
> I Hope this helps, if you have any further questions please feel free to
> write!
> Regards,
> Rob Yonaitis
> HiSoftware
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