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Re: svg degrades to gif/jpg

From: Vadim Plessky <lucy-ples@mtu-net.ru>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 14:09:26 +0000
Message-Id: <200112211132.fBLBWOH20084@post.cnt.ru>
To: jonathan chetwynd <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com>
Cc: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
On Thursday 20 December 2001 18:33, jonathan chetwynd wrote:
|   I'd like to 2nd this:
|   >|  BUT, what about the millions of non windoz or mac users, or those
|   > who |  don't have ability/resources/computer power/desire to upgrade
|   It is quite obvious that there will always be more obsolete equpment
| around, and we need to ensure it remains in service.
|   I have an hp320lx running winCE1.0 and although it does not display jpgs
| it does render the earth.gif in both the embed and object SVG code tests.
| http://www.learningdifficulty.org/develop/examples/test-svg.html.

I think you are talking about HP Jornada?
Any chance to install Linux on that device?
Than I guess you can have even SVG rendering :-)

|   the upgrade to CE2.0 was free at the time,but now costs 60 or $130 for
| what is definitely an obsolete pda from '97. it just happens to have a
| pcmcia card...

Yes, the price of this upgrade is close to what low-end PDA's will cost at 
the end of 2002.
So it seems you need just to wait a little bit and buy a new PDA later.
IMO recently released Sharp Zaurus is great, and by the way it the first PDA 
to have mini-keyboard - you can type text (mail, etc.) using this keyboard.
And, for Opera fans: it comes standard with Opera browser (plus, you can add 
Konqueror/Embedded to it easily, it's fully supported)


Vadim Plessky
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