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Re: Linearize This

From: <james.homme@highmark.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 09:01:15 -0500
Message-ID: <200111131355.fADDtqi25295@igate.highmark.com>
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Hi Steve and Jim,
Thanks for offering to look at the problem. By using a combination of
JAWS's table keys and normal reading I was able to figure out that JAWS did
as good a job as it could on the table. The table was exported from a Lotus
Notes Designer help document to an .rtf file, then converted to HTML by
saving it in Word. It consists of a list of things people could do on the
left such as opening a database, leaving a view or editing a document. On
the right is a list of events in the order they take place when someone
does the thing on the left. I figured out how to navigate it once I slept
on it last night. I was asking the question on the list because I was
trying to figure out exactly what algorithm JAWS uses when it linearizes
tables. I was not looking for a lesson in using JAWS. There is another
situation in which there is a form. When JAWS gets done rendering it, some
of the labels are no longer near the fields.



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