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Re: Title attribute

Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 14:28:12 -0500
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You're forgetting that not only is a link an object on the page, it is also, in many cases, text. A link may function as an item in a list, a "button" (text or graphic), or some other stand-alone entity on a page. In such cases, it might make sense for the title to be read instead of the link text.

But very commonly, a link is one or more words in the middle of a paragraph. When that occurs, reading the title attribute and ignoring the text is absolutely not the desired behavior. I'd actually consider it brain-dead behavior on the part of whatever tool does this.

>>> Timothy Stephen Springer <timsp@ssbtechnologies.com> 05/17/01 01:03PM >>>
A tool tip is currently exported by most GUI objects (in MFC, Swing, 
etc.) as the accessible description or textual representation for an 
object.  Thus having the title attribute override the default textual 
representation (in this case the link text) actually is the desired 
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