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Accessible Chatroom Techniques

From: Joel Sanda <joels@ecollege.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:33:30 -0600
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Is anyone aware of accessible chat room software? Of all the chat rooms I've
tested recently, all seem to have essential features that violate several
WCAG Priority 1 Recommendations (for example auto-refreshing content for
room participants and their status).

A possible solution for visually impaired users is to use email, and carbon
copy everyone, but then it's not a chat room and an email list.

Any thoughts on that? I tested "HTML based" chat rooms (as opposed to
JavaScript and Java versions) and the auto-refreshing content is real
troublesome with screen readers. Though I was able to overcome some of that
using JAWs PC cursor mode, I still had to have vision to see where to move
the cursor to.

Thanks! - Joel

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