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From: David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net>
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Subject: [webwatch] Fw: VIP-L: online accessibility
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From: "Sandra Vassallo" <S.Vassallo@e-bility.com>
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Subject: VIP-L: online accessibility

Hi all,

I am currently designing a web site and wanted to know whether any VIP-L
members have experienced difficulties accessing sites that use drop down
boxes for secondary navigation.  I understand that accessibility may be
problem if the site uses JavaScrip to deliver these links and/or if the
drop down box is not properly marked up with name/title tags etc. What
your thoughts?  Are there any other problems from a user perspective
that I
should know about - ie is this method likely to be confusing?

I have been surfing the net and came across an interesting site using
feature.  If you want to have a look the address is:
http://www.betterhealthchannel.vic.gov.au/  (you will need to follow the
welcome link on the home page to view the drop down box with a list of
links to other key pages - found in the bottom left hand corner of the

I am also interested to know if you have any comments about online
forms.  The forms I have designed to date use tables for layout and a
submit button - I have included field names and a tab index to make it
easier to navigate - is this sufficient?

A sample form can be found at: 

All feedback welcome - e-bility's home page can be found at

Many thanks.


Semi Finalist, Australian Internet Awards 2000

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