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RE: Is large print Accessibility?

From: Dave J Woolley <david.woolley@bts.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 20:01:56 +0100
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	Kristi R Schueler/NONFS/USDAFS [kschueler@fs.fed.us] 

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	The second address is the list manager!

> a great solution to just double or triple the size of the web page!  It
> has
> it's draw backs because it isn't as widely known as MSIE or NN and it also
[DJW:]  Which, unfortunately, puts it well below the 20%
mark, so web content authors generally totally ignore its
existence.  Whether that matters depends on how well it 
emulates the (un)documented features of, at least one of,
IE and NS.
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