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Upcoming Submission Deadline, CHI2001

From: Donald Day <donald_l_day@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 06:31:35 EDT
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8 September Deadline for CHI2001 Internationalization Submissions

Please note that less than two weeks remain for submissions in the 
Internationalization Area for the CHI2001 conference in Seattle (31 March - 
5 April). As chair of the Internationalization Area, I am writing to 
encourage you to visit the conference web site 
(www.acm.org/sigs/sigchi/chi2001) for submission details.

I am especially encouraging submission of panels and papers addressing any 
area of internationalization. Topics can be either application based or 
theoretic-cultural. An example of an application based submission might be 
the procedures necessary to engineer multiple localized versions of a base 
software product without incurring unacceptable cost or release delays. An 
example of a theoretic-cultural submission might be discussion of how the 
various dimensions of culture (e.g., Geert Hofstede) can be used in 
interface design for disparate sub-cultures that are intermingled within a 
larger geographic community. Further ideas for topics can be seen at the 
IWIPS2000 web site (www.nist.gov/IWIPS2000).

The CHI2001 conference is an excellent opportunity to further the 
recognition of internationalization concerns in the design, engineering and 
marketing of interfaces for cross-cultural software products. I encourage 
you to submit your research or propose a panel. Successful panel proposals 
will be those that will likely be lively, even controversial, with a strong 

Submissions should be made according to the format guidelines at the CHI2001 
web site, and submitted directly to the organizing committee as described 
there. Feel free to contact me at d.day@acm.org if you would like 
preliminary feedback on your ideas for submissions.

Donald Day
Internationalization Area Chair

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