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ADA torch relay press release . . .

From: Jeffrey Pledger <jpledger@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 07:23:42 -0400
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AbleTV.net and TVWorldwide.com to Webcast Accessible Live Coverage of Spirit of
ADA Torch Relay Events in Nation’s Capital July 25th-26th 
With coverage sponsored by iCan.com, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Verizon,
new “Webcaptingtm ” technology will allow viewing opportunity for Americans
disabilities to celebrate 10th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities
For Immediate Release
Monday, July 24, 2000                                   Jeff Pledger
                (301) 890-5944

Chantilly, Va. -  AbleTV.net, the award-winning first web-based global TV
network for the disabled, and a network affiliate of TVWorldwide .com,  is
going “mobile” with its new webcapting technology to cover live scheduled
events of the Spirit of ADA Torch Relay when it comes through the nation’s
capital next Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25th and July 26th.  With streaming
video expertise provided by TVWorldwide.com and captioning provided by Alderson
Reporting, AbleTV.net will make these events available worldwide by providing a
captioned live video streaming signal of ADA related activities at
www.abletv.net and www.ican.com.  The ability to caption these events will
ensure real time access to this medium specifically for the deaf/hard of
hearing and learning/cognitively impaired communities.  In addition, these
events will be permanently archived on the AbleTV.net website for future
viewing on demand.  

Originally signed into law by President George Bush on July 26, 1990, Bush has
stated in subsequent interviews that passage of the Americans with Disabilities
Act was his greatest domestic achievement as President.  In honor of the ADA’s
tenth anniversary, Mr. Bush lit the torch in February of this year and the 24
U.S city Torch Relay was officially kicked off in Houston, TX on June 11th.
tour will culminate in New York City on August 7th with a special program
at the
United Nations.  AbleTV.net and its team will also be present to provide live
captioned coverage of the closing ceremonies.        

At press time, scheduled events in the Washington, DC area include the press
conference and speech by Department of Education Assistant Secretary Judith
Heumann, a program sponsored by the National Council on Disabilities, the
annual conference of the National Council on Independent Living and public
rallies from Lafayette Park and the U.S. Capitol.  A complete schedule of
events is posted at www.abletv.net.  

Jeff Pledger, President of Able TV, who lost his own sight due to illness in
1984 remarked, “I am proud to have the opportunity to make this coverage
accessible to the community that this celebration benefits.  Our nation has
come so far in the last ten years.  New technology such as webcapting will only
increase the ability to advance farther and faster in bringing accessible
information and communication to the disabled community, not just in the United
States, but globally.  I applaud the ongoing efforts of iCan.com, Microsoft,
Sun Microsystems and Verizon, who sponsored this event coverage and share the
same vision.”    

Rose Ann Sharp, President of Alderson Reporting, stated that “The ability to
make this technology mobile opens up countless inclusionary opportunities
previously closed to individuals with disabilities.  In the over 60 years since
Alderson Reporting was formed, we have been witness to some of the most
exciting events of the last century and we feel this event will become one of
the great events of the new century as it relates to opportunity for all
David R. Gardy, Chairman and CEO of TVWorldwide.com, commented, “As web-related
accessibility issues evolve, TVWorldwide.com, along with our affiliate,
AbleTV.net will continue to be on the forefront of creating and adapting new
technologies to maintain our commitment to disabled communities worldwide.” 

The AbleTV.net/Alderson and TVWorldwide.com team was recently selected by the
Democratic National Committee to webcast the 2000 Democratic National
Convention using the “webcapting” capability.

About TVWorldwide.com and AbleTV.net
A full-service video streaming application service provider, TVWorldwide.com is
currently working with a variety of clients and strategic partners on the
latest in live and archived state-of-the-art video streaming content

The TVWorldwide.com network is an affiliation of community-based Internet TV
channels, each underwritten by a strategic partner, “aimcasting” to targeted
b2b and professional special interest audiences worldwide. TVWorldwide.com has
worked with one of its first aimcast channels, AbleTV.net, to pioneer live and
archived video streaming with closed captioning and audio description to aid in
web site accessibility for the disabled. With this advance, AbleTV.net received
its charter sponsorship from Microsoft Corporation.  TVWorldwide.com recently
received first round financing from PSINet Ventures, Ltd., the wholly-owned
corporate unit of PSINet, Inc.

Public Relations Division
 TV Worldwide.com
                                   (703) 961-9250               

Rose Ann Sharp
Alderson Reporting
(800) 367-3376
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