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Re: [htmldesigners] A question on Authoring Tools]

From: Philip Ramsey <jamaican@colis.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 09:31:42 -0400
Message-ID: <395CA13D.6C9DCBD9@colis.com>
To: Leah Fretwell <leah_marie_f@yahoo.com>
CC: WAI Interest Group <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Hi Leah,

I guess you misunderstood the intention of this discussion group.
It is an interest group i.e. anyone interested in the topic Web
Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Although it discusses the "how
to" it is not limited to the specifics. It also highlights the
political aspects too, like the recent policy adopted by the EU
or how agencies of the US federal and state governments are
implementing WAI guidelines. Or what private companies like IBM
or Sun Microsystems, among others, are proposing for

In short, this group's main purposes are to a) create an
environment that fosters an exchange of ideas for the purpose of
building consensus as to what capabilities should be adopted and
then how to enable it, b) create awareness of the new
capabilities, c) encourage world governments and private
companies to adopt the guidelines that enable these new

As noted in another message thread if you have questions about
how to do something specific don't hesitate to ask. Likewise, if
you like an opinion about a site many in this group will be happy
to help.


Leah Fretwell wrote:
> Well, for one thing your list never talks about anything practical like how
> to do something. You only discuss which web cast you've been asked to speak
> on and the intricacies of JAWS and bemoan the fact that web development
> tools don't take into account accessibility issues. Some of us would like to
> have a place to find out how to make a table accessible or what it takes for
> a visually impaired person to use a form. I am not a accessibility activist,
> I am a web designer. I need instructions not theory.
> Leah Fretwell
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