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Re: Computerworld Online - Does disabilities act apply to cyberspace?

From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn-hwg@idyllmtn.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 17:27:14 -0800
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>Does disabilities act apply to cyberspace?
>                By Patrick Thibodeau
>                Federal Web site operators will have to make a number
>                of changes to comply with these regulations, such as
>                including streaming audio or audio files to accompany
>                text.

Audio files to accompany text?  Lies, lies, lies.

>The rules may also require captioning for video


>                and restrict the use of color to display information.

Lies, lies, lies.  Color is -not- restricted for displaying
information; color is only restricted as the -only- means of
conveying information.

>                sites will also have to provide formats that are
>                compatible with braille- and speech-synthesis devices. 

That is to say, "text format."

>                Other provisions may ban touch screens and prohibit
>                moving text and animation unless there are no
>                alternatives. 

Huh?  Ban touch screens?

>                Moreover, Hayes said webmasters lack the experience
>                and tools to create Web sites that meet the needs of
>                the disabled. 

At least I know there is a market for my course.  BTW, the next
class starts Monday:


Sign up while you still can!

>                Elizabeth Dorminey, an attorney at Wimberly, Lawson
>                Steckel Nelson & Schneider PC in Athens, Ga., said the
>                ADA applies to private entities that provide "public
>                accommodations" -- a term that doesn't include the
>                Internet, Internet service providers or private Web
>                sites.

Yeah, don't be silly, web sites aren't for the public!  It's
not like e-commerce sites are CONTINUALLY spoken about as "in
competition with brick-and-mortar" stores!  Clearly, brick-and-
mortar stores are for those handicapped people, while the web
is only for us "fully functional" folks.

Excuse me.  I need to spit rudely.  And that's not polite to
do here, so I'll sign off--


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