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RE: url for an article disabling access

From: Bruce Bailey <bbailey@clark.net>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 09:52:14 -0500
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The Disability Times story is on "Inaccessible Disability Websites and the
Media".  One example they critique is a mainstream eZine article I don't
think got mentioned here:
1/26 by Sally McGrane "Is the Web Truly Accessible to the Disabled?" at URL:

First paragraph follows:
Fifty percent of all Americans are online. That number may seem high, but
not when compared to the 76 percent of Americans with disabilities who are
online (according to the World Bank). Yet, despite these figures,
approximately 98 percent of existing Web sites are inaccessible. That is,
they aren't compatible with the tools that people with disabilities use to
navigate the Web, such as text readers and text-to-braille translators.
Until recently, site designers (who sacrifice compatibility for the sake of
glitzy graphics) have largely ignored the disabled community. The launch of
We Media and a recent push for accessibility on the part of the United
States government herald a new movement to make the Web open to everyone.
But there is still a long way to go.

Article is short but includes several good links.

It concludes with this telling note:
> Editor's Note: CNET is among the 98 percent of Web sites that are not
> accessible to people with disabilities. However, we are currently
> ways to make the main areas of CNET compliant with accessibility

-- Bruce B.

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