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RE: Oracle Beehive

From: Waddell, Cynthia <cynthia.waddell@ci.sj.ca.us>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 08:47:05 -0800
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To: "'Chuck Hitchcock'" <chitchcock@cast.org>, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Cc: "'Cutler, Ellen'" <CUTLER_ELLEN@smc.edu>
Chuck and Len (W3C),
This activity is part of the California Community College effort to comply
with the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, ADA and
Section 504 compliance effort for accessible system design, long distance
learning and accessible web.  You might want to contact Ellen Cutler at the
Santa Monica Community Colleges who is working on the curriculum side.  I am
copying her on this email.  This effort is referenced in several of my
articles, "Electronic Curbcuts:  How to Build an Accessible Website"
http://www.prodworks.com/ilf/ecc.htm, "Applying the ADA to the Internet:  A
Web Accessibility Standard" at 
http://www.rit.edu/~easi/law/weblaw1.htm and "The Growing Digital Divide in
Access for People with Disabilities: Overcoming Barriers to Participation"

Cynthia D. Waddell   
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Subject: RE: Oracle Beehive


Noticed this reference to Beehive from a meeting at Santa Barbara City
College held today: http://www.sbcc.net/governet/tech/OrclJan2k.htmOracle's

Promise and Beehive Project
Santa Barbara's Participation

It doesn't go anywhere but the reference seems real.  Might be worth getting
in touch with the names associated with this agenda item.  This project
seems to be under wraps.


Chuck Hitchcock
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Director, National Center on
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