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RE: Stylesheet columnisation

From: Steven McCaffrey <smccaffr@MAIL.NYSED.GOV>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 14:50:00 -0500
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Me too.  Thanks.


>>> "Leonard R. Kasday" <kasday@acm.org> 11/15/99 04:46PM >>>

I'm glad we got to agreement now and I appreciate your helping me separate
the technical specifics from the overall message that a discussion can

As for your question:
>  in the case where there are categories or titles of articles on the left
and a description on the right.
>Can the definition tag (<DL,DT,DD ) be used as in the library section of

Personally I think yes, that's a good way to format. What you're getting
at, I believe, is that this format guarantees good reading order.   If,
instead, you had two columns, with the titles on the left, the titles could
get wrapped to two or more, lines which would mess up reading order when
your screenreader is reading physical lines.  
Of course, this is for a situation where the titles categorize the
listings.  If on the other hand you had a completely separate list of links
that were not categorizing the items then this obviously wouldn't apply


This reminds me of another trick: when you're using tables for actual data,
it can be useful to prevent the individual cells from wrapping, to maintain
good reading order.  This can be none with non-breaking spaces or the
preformat tag.  The drawback, of course, is that lines can get really long.
 Sometimes you can get away with having the short lines in the intial
columns and the long one all the way on the right where wrapping does not
harm.  Provided you make sure that all text is alighned on the top.
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