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[Fwd: Microsoft Antitrust: Judgement Day: Part 1]

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Subject: Microsoft Antitrust: Judgement Day: Part 1
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 16:56:26 -0600
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>Subject: Microsoft Antitrust: Judgement Day: Part 1
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> Microsoft Judgement Day: Part 1
>Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson will issue the first half of his
>ruling in the Microsoft antitrust trial today at 6:30 pm eastern
>time, 3:30 pacific time. It is his "findings of fact." In a
>non-jury trial such as this, it is up to the judge to decide
>who's telling the truth. He's decided.
>Techweb will present live audio coverage of the judge's opinion
>from 6:30-10:30 eastern time (3:30-7:30 pacific time). You can
>listen on your Real Audio G2 player (click on the Techweb Today
>channel button), or with Real Audio 5.0 at:
>Our coverage will include commentary and analysis, as well as
>live coverage of the expected press conferences that will be
>held by Microsoft, the Department of Justice and other interested
>Commentators will include Winmag.com's Fred Langa, Byte.com's
>Jerry Pournelle, Techweb legal analyst Peter Peckarsky, and
>Wendy Goldman Rohm, author of The Microsoft File.
>Live coverage of the Judge's first ruling in the Microsoft
>Antitrust Trial, starting at 6:30 eastern/3:30 pacific at:
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