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Re: single browser intranets

From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn-hwg@idyllmtn.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:26:18 -0700
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To: Scott Luebking <phoenixl@netcom.com>
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At 09:14 AM 10/27/1999 , Scott Luebking wrote:
>I'm not quite sure what your point is.  Issues of interaction via
>web technology will be coming more to the forefront as recognition
>of the benefits becomes more common.  People like interaction.
>They learn better.  It's more interesting and fun.

Actually, this statement itself requires some examination.  It may
not be true that people "learn better" from interactivity at all,
despite how much fun it is.

It also depends on the people, of course -- older folks who are
used to reading books may not learn as well from interactive learning
programs as the "nintendo generation."  In fact, I'd say the jury is
really out on how well the latter group can learn; they may learn
faster from interactive multimedia presentations than from books,
but they may not be "trained" to learn from books anymore.

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