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Re: How to describe Flowcharts, Schematics, etc

From: Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@virgin.net>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 19:40:17 +0100
Message-ID: <000201bef125$4016c2b0$0100a8c0@dave>
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jonathan wrote:

> What is the nature of information gained by the eyes when viewing a chart
> diagram?
> If you are seeking one simple answer that works for all problems, probably
> this is a little tenuous to be a thread.

When I'm reading for vi customers, I've been taught
to provide an overview of the diagram
(I use the technique of glancing at it for a very few
seconds then selecting the items that 'stood out')
followed by a description which permits a sequential
description of 'pathways' through the diagram.

Using this technique on, specifically, flowcharts, with,
say the following symbols:
start box
diamond decision box
off page connector in / out
end box
(enough to start)

<overview> Brief overview as described above.</overview>
<start-box id="b00" >
<rect id="b01" idref="b02">
  <contents>Process afferent stream</contents>
<rect id="b02" idref="b03">
  <contents>Process efferent stream</contents>
<diamond id="b03" idref="b04"  idref="b05"> <!-- Assumes y/n -->
  <contents>contains selected item?</contents>
<rect id="b04" idref="b06">
  <contents>output Yes</contents>

<rect id="b05" idref="b06">
  <contents>output No</contents>

<end-box id="b06">



Does that appear workable
for some purposes?
Easy to transform.
Easy to generate with a syntax directed editor.
Could even be turned into graphics if needed.
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