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Re: URGENT: Help

From: Robert Neff <robneff@home.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 17:17:29 -0700
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this site (my project) is very close to being Double-A and should have them
in compliance with in thirty days.  Since we do offer text alternative with
headers (and missed some object tags and javascript tags), you could say we
are P2 or P3, but P3 is stretching it.  This is work in progress.  If you
need anything fixed right away to support the cause and show and tell,
please let me know.  THat is the problem with Rapid application devlopment,
you need the processes down and we are still teaching and training.  had
some rework and lost some javascript and object tags.  All the NAV buttons
need alt tags - we did a global search and replace and lost it somewhere -
it is on the hit list to go back and add.

www.usmint.gov/50states/fsq/main.html  and



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> Are there some particular sites we could comment on?  For example, do some
> of the key legislators have some web sites?  If we can show how simple it
> would be for their own sites I think it would help.
> Len
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