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Re: URL attached this time. Still seeking evaluation.

From: Joe Night <joe.night@gateway2000.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 11:57:41 -0600
Message-Id: <>
To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
At 10:54 AM 1/20/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Nice site. Liked your photos.
Thanks. I loved taking them.

>I disagree with Rob re the green on black. True, some may
>find it difficult to read, but because you used stylesheets,
>that's easy to override. If you'd used font tags, I might
>have agreed with Rob. As it is, it looks very nice with
>green on black, and if viewers have difficulty with that,
>they can simply override it. Of course, some may not know
>how to do that, so there's always a trade-off involved. I
>guess it depends on how much you like the green on black.

Rob's point does need some consideration. You've actually hit the nail on
the head. I do have to deal with the "new user" or "confused user" issue.
The style sheets help -- but for those who can't or won't turn them off, I
could compromise by selecting a brighter color or maybe by working with a
typeface that isn't so thin. The green on black doesn't do very good with
the "squint" test.

>The whole point of stylesheets, at least as far as
>accessibility is concerned, is to free the designer up to do
>things like using black backgrounds. That's my opinion,

>I'm more curious about your "text-only" option. It seems to
>me that it would be better labeled "no-frames."

Yup. You got me. I'm still struggling with that issue too. If you turn off
the images or take a tour with pwWebSpeak it tends to come out as a
text-only site. I dropped out of the frames in order to give primitive
screen reader software an even chance. I think I need to completely
reconsider the "noframes / text-only" method. The other Charles also had a
good comment about just getting down to business from the main frameset
page. I'm getting a lot of good ideas here.

>Also, you might want to rename your frames to give them more
>descriptive names. I noticed you have titles, but on Lynx,
>for example, all one sees is "top" and "bottom." If you
>named them "navbar" and "main" or something similar, it
>would be immediately apparent what's in what.

I can do that.

>Hope this helps.
>Charles Munat
>Puerto Vallarta

Yes, Thank you, to all of you. It all helps a lot. I did a little tinkering
this morning and was pretty much able to pass the "Bobby" test.
Still, there's really no substitute for human feedback. People are a lot
more observant. I've spent quite a bit of time looking at the "top" and
"bottom" links under Lynx and it never dawned on me that it wasn't making
perfectly good sense.

Joe Night
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