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From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 10:07:54 -0400
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We welcome your comments and suggestions on the draft Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines  Curriculum, which Chuck Letourneau of Starling
Access, and Geoff Freed of WGBH NCAM, have been developing as part of the
Education and Outreach Working Group's activities. The draft curriculum is
available at <http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/three/>.

We expect the on-line Curriculum to be used in three different ways:
1. by a trainer teaching in a classroom situation;
2. by an individual doing self-study; and
3. by an individual doing research on a particular topic (guideline,
checkpoint, etc.)

The following questions are from Chuck Letourneau. If you decide to review
the curriculum (and this is an important way to give input into WAI
materials) please send your replies to the Education & Outreach Working
Group mailing list, at <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org> (rather than filling up the
interest group list), by next Friday, June 18. Thank you!

- Judy

Review Questions:

In general, we would appreciate it if you could evaluate the curriculum and
comment based on your experience using one or more of the above modes.  In
the first two cases, does the curriculum work as a teaching or learning
tool?  In the third case, does each example (or set of examples) adequately
explain or illustrate the concepts and techniques suggested by the
Guidelines and Checkpoints?

Specifically, if you notice spelling, typographic or grammatical errors,
please let us know.  

Also needed are reports of bugs or discrepancies between what we think is
supposed to be happening on a slide and what you actually perceive. To help
the authors identify specific problems, it is crucial that we get the
following information with your comments:

1.  What browser were you using?
2.  What version of the browser?
3.  What platform (Mac, PC, etc.) and operating system?
4.  What assistive technology?

Many of the difficulties people have encountered to date are browser or
platform specific.  Having this information will help the authors resolve
(or at least isolate) the problems.

Of course, if you have a suggestion for how to correct any problem you
detect, please provide it.

We would also appreciate getting some real-world examples for the following:

Example for Checkpoint 7.3 - When a page includes moving content, provide a
mechanism within a script or applet to allow users to freeze motion or
updates. Using style sheets with scripting to create movement allows users
to turn off or override the effect more easily. Any idea of how to show this?

Example for Checkpoint 8.1 - Make programmatic elements such as scripts and
applets directly accessible or compatible with assistive technologies.
Anybody have good simple (public-domain) example of an accessible script or
applet that we could include on this slide? 

Example for Checkpoint 9.2 - Ensure that any element that has its own
interface can be operated in a device-independent manner.  Something like a
Java program that is also accessible might be nice.  Or is anyone aware of
any accessible plug-in apps that we could use as an example?

Example for Checkpoint 11.3 - Provide information so that users may receive
documents according to their preferences.  This checkpoint refers to
content negotiation and we don't have an example for that. Can anyone help?

Again, please send your replies to the Education & Outreach Working Group
mailing list <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>, by next Friday, June 18, and include
information on browser, version, platform, and any assistive technology
that you were using with these. Thank you!

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