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RE: maden semantic proposal Re: Math on the web

From: T. V. Raman <raman@Adobe.COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 17:15:32 -0800
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I have not had time to carefully study the "semantic
notation' that was posted here --
and  I also think it would be hard to judge its merits or
demerits by just looking at one particular equation
(Maxwell's equation) in this case.

This is not to cast any doubt on the design of that 
proposed markup-- all I am saying is that I have not had
time to study it carefully nor do I expect to have the time
do so.

However the folks on the MathML committee have thought over
these issues long and hard and the work is mature --it has
been in development for over two years. 

The tone of your message indicates that you in turn have
perhaps not studied MathML carefully-- I say this because
you appear to give the   impression that MathML is purely
presentational which is far from the truth.

Anyway, all I can say at this point is:

A) MathML is carefully thought out and well designed to
address both the needs of semantic markup while still
preserving the ability to do good presentation

b) From experience I can confidently say that attempting to
design it will take another two years and yield a result not
too different from what we have

At this point the need is for software that will render
MathML in alternate formats and provide some badly needed
user tools as opposed to re-embark on some new
Not-invented-here exercise.

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