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RE: maden semantic proposal Re: Math on the web

From: Kasday, Leonard R (Len), ALTEC <kasday@att.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 09:20:47 -0500
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You're right that I didn't give any thought to the need to control
presentation.  So I did skip over that a bit too lightly.

But still, what do you think of the proposal of writing a DSSSL style
sheet that translates Maden's proposal for semantic math markup  to
MathML? The semantic math markup could  specified via XML and thus
extended at any time; and simultaneously the DSSSL stylesheet could be
extended to optimally produce the optimal MathML markup.   

Might this give the best of both approaches?  Or perhaps you had
considered that and rejected it out of some consideration I'm not
thinking of?  


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T.V. Raman wrote,
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>To: 	Kasday, Leonard R (Len), ALTEC
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>Subject: 	RE: maden semantic proposal Re: Math on the web
>Len (and others)
>Please dont dismiss the MathML work too lightly.
>We agonized over the trade-offs between semantic and
>presentational markup and I persoanlly believe that the
>MathML specification does an outstanding job of addressing
>both camps.
>There are quirks like phantom present in there as Chris
>pointed out, but these were also left in because they were
>felt to be essential for certain presentations.
>Also, to address Chris's point about static DTDs being
>restrictive and inadequate for math I fully agree and have
>been saying this ever since I built AsTeR to handle LaTeX
>documents --this is one of LaTeX's significant advantages
>over SGML in my opinion.
>Again, we did our best in the MathML work to make sure that
>the language was extensible in the sense LaTeX is, but at
>the same time remains something that can be validated
>--something that is hard to say of a Turing complete
>language like TeX.
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