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RE: Audio Descriptions for Talking Heads

From: David MacDonald <david100@sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 08:27:36 -0400
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Thanks Bruce that's helpful... what do you do about more than one talking
head... say a press conference with several speakers...same thing?


David MacDonald




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Subject: RE: Audio Descriptions for Talking Heads


Contributing a little late to the dialog, but I have read the thread.


Section 508 has required that video and multimedia be audio described for
ten years for the Federal government.  This line is from the preamble:

A "talking heads" video does not generally contain visual information
necessary for the comprehension of the content and would therefore not be
required to be audio described.



I had this scenario (government talking head video) in mind we as developed
the Success Criteria and Sufficient Techniques.  I am of the opinion that
there is not an issue.  In my experience, the only extra work required is to
check that the default audio track provides a voice over for the opening
title and closing credits.  The other thing that is sometimes, but not
usually, overlooked is the name and title of the person talking.


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Thank you for your questions concerning section 508 of the Rehabilitation
Act Amendments of 1998.  Section 508 authorizes the Access Board to provide
technical assistance to individuals and Federal departments and agencies
concerning the requirements of this section.  This technical assistance is
intended solely as informal guidance and is not a determination of the legal
rights or responsibilities of entities subject to section 508.



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Subject: Audio Descriptions for Talking Heads


I've been coming across a lot of this lately, and don't really know what to
do about it... we have a requirement for audio descriptions... but 95% of
all video on Government and corporate sites are just talking heads, like a
message from the CEO, or from the marketing manager, or from the Minister,
where he's just talking in front of a non-consequential background.


Honestly, it seems extraneous to require these videos to be audio described
which can cost thousands of dollars, and provides almost zero value for a
person who is blind...


We could I guess get a voice overdub at the front that says... "the minister
speaking in his office, with a flag in the background" ... but I almost wish
we had some kind of an exception for these videos of talking heads... it
would cost a thousand bucks for that line, (unless there is some kind of
internal production facility).




David MacDonald

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