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RE: Validity

From: Bob Regan <bregan@macromedia.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 08:48:45 -0800
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To: "Gez Lemon" <gez.lemon@gmail.com>
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Hi Gez, 

Validity is not really my concern here, and I expect a compromise to be

There was a metaphor used earlier about staying on the sidewalk being a
wise strategy for avoiding cars. The underlying assumption in this
metaphor is that the guy who built the road actually talked with the guy
that laid the sidewalk. It should be true that they work in recognition
of one another's efforts. The reality in the technology space is that
the various players in any given space do not coordinate. This is not
malicious. It is reality. 

I believe there needs to be a mechanism whereby an author may deviate
from valid code for reasons specific to accessibility for the audience
defined in their own baseline. 


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From: Gez Lemon [mailto:gez.lemon@gmail.com] 
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Hi Bob,

On 04/11/05, Bob Regan <bregan@macromedia.com> wrote:
> This is an old debate that we have had in detail before in multiple
> working groups.

I'm aware that it's an old debate, but it's still an issue without a
resolution; at least in WCAG 2.0. We need to come up with something
that we can get consensus on, which probably wouldn't be that
difficult if we could find some middle-ground. The people that believe
validity is important believe it with a passion, and those that don't
believe it's important believe it with an equal passion. Consequently,
the debates end up full of passion, which makes it difficult to focus
on the real issues as they get swamped with edge-cases.

How can we compromise? Are those against validity at level 1 also
against it level 2? Could we live with a watered-down version of
validity at level 1, and full validity at level 3? Could we live with
validity being removed completely from the guidelines, and addressed
in appropriate techniques? I think if we concentrate on these types of
questions, with someone who feels indifferent about validity as an
arbiter, we could make progress and reach our deadline with minimal

Best regards,


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