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RE: G 2.1 and L3SC1 are no different?

From: Mike Barta <mikba@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 15:46:30 -0800
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I understand you're point.  But I feel that the benefit of reminding authors to use accel keys outweighs the purity here. 

Yes, KB doesn't mean anything, in that it can mean many different things, UA may not know how to hook the calls, etc.  It is still a net benefit, imho, to suggest that content, and more importantly apps, be designed with alternative control surfaces to the mouse.

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Subject: RE: G 2.1 and L3SC1 are no different?

> I think the question was 'what are the salient differences', not why am 
> I top p osting...

Because you can't run your mail program?

> The phrases are nearly identical but the statement of purpose talks to 
> the fina l result, content _being_ keyboard accessible, and the SC talks 
> to the action o f the author in _designing_ the content to, hopefully, 
> achieve that result.

The content author knows nothing about the keyboards his or her readers 

> Joe's point, that the author cannot guarantee the final outcome, is why 
> the SC doesn't speak to outcome but design.

They are not questions of Web content and should not be in WCAG. Clearer?


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