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FYI: Web Accessibility Guidelines in Korea

From: WATANABE Takayuki <nabe@comm.twcu.ac.jp>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 02:20:18 +0900
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
Cc: nabe@lab.twcu.ac.jp, JBrewer@w3.org
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Dear WCAG WG members,
CC: Judy Brewer

Just for your information, 
I organized a special session at ITRC's Korea-Japan joint workshop [1] 
to exchange information about Korean and Japanese Web accessibility
This session is held on 27 November at Korea.

[1] http://www.itrc.net/meet16/  (in Japanese)

Other than I, I invite two speakers from Korea.
Mr. Doo Jin Choi works for KADO (Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity
& Promotion).
Dr. Sukil Kim is a chair of Korean Web accessibility guidelines
working group.

I want to put all presentation materials on the Web if two Korean
guest speakers are agreed.

The outline of this session is as follows:

Title:  "Web accessibility standards and policies in Japan"
Author:  Takayuki Watanabe
Summary: JIS X 8341-3, Japanese Web content accessibility guideline,
was published in June.  This talk consists of (1) the outline of
ISO/IEC Guide 71, (2) the outline of JIS X 8341 series, (3) the
content of JIS X 8341-3, and (4) the current status of Web
accessibility in Japan.  I will also explain W3C's new guideline, WCAG
(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0 Working Draft, and discuss
the importance of international standard harmonization.

Title:  "Web accessibility standards and policies in Korea"
Author: Doo Jin Choi 
Summary: This presentation shows the status of keeping the Korean web
accessability guideline, KWCAG 1.0 which was developed in 2003 in
public sector.  Next, The present and future of policy on web
accessibility of Korea is reviewed.  In this part, I will introduce (1)
telecommunication accessability guideline for the disabled and the
elderly, (2) activities of standardization on web accessability, (3)
related policies on web accessability.

Title:  "Korean Web Accessibility Standard and Extensions"
Author: Sukil Kim 
Summary: Korean Web Accessibility Guideline 1.0 has been published in
2003.  We will briefly discuss KWCAG 1.0, especially, outlines, scope,
comparison with W3C standards, and etc.  Future plans and directions
updating the guideline will be also introduced.

WATANABE Takayuki <nabe@lab.twcu.ac.jp>
Tokyo Woman's Christian University
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