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Re: Back to business

From: Joe Clark <joeclark@joeclark.org>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 11:34:33 -0400
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To: WAI-GL <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>

>  Finally, I would like us to try to practice what we preach. So 
>please DO use plain simple language.

Well, *I* don't preach that, and, as a professional writer of 15 
years' standing, I'm not about to let nonwriters tell me how to write.

I'll point out that my esteemed colleagues at WCAG WG can't even 
write intelligible guidelines half the time -- *and* you're drowning 
in your own jargon. You're hardly in any position to issue edicts.

Examples in one tidy place (excerpted):


>2. programmatically located, issue 330
>We have a number of terms and we need to define them.  One appears 
>to be redundant with another as well.
>"derived programmatically",
>"programmatically determined",
>"programmatically located" and
>"programmatically identified"
>Jason posted one set of definitions that are listed at the end of the
>agenda.  John is working on a version that might be available for the
>meeting.   [1]
>3. Definition of authored unit

And as for the recurring plaints to get along nicely: As ever, WCAG 
WG prizes fake, vacant smiles over good work. We don't *have* to get 
along to produce good guidelines.


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