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Action item: [Bugzilla WCAG Issue 660] should 1.6 inlclude level 1 success criteria?

From: John M Slatin <john_slatin@austin.utexas.edu>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 15:28:14 -0500
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This item should now refer to Guideline 1.4, , In visual presentations,
make it easy to distinguish foreground words and images from the
According to Bugzilla, the group decided that there *should* be a Level
1 success criterion for this guideline.  It reads sa follows:

1.    Any text that is presented over a background is electronically
available so that it could be re-presented in a form that allows the
text to be distinguished from the background. [I]


In an apparent moment of weakness, I had volunteered to try a "plain
language" version.  Here it is:

1. Text shown over a background can be removed from the background and
read separately.




There is a note saying that text conforming to Guideline 1.1 should
satisfy this criterion.  I don't understand this, at least as it's
stated: Guideline 1.1 requires text alternatives for non-text content,
so Guideline 1.1 isn't really about text.  It *might* make sense to say
that text provided as an alternative for non-text content would fulfill
this requirement.


In the end, though, I think this is a special case of a more general
consideration: that all content meant to be read by humans should be
provided as electronic text (not as an image of text).  I don't think we
actually say this anywhere-- the closest we come is in the definition of
non-text content, which includes "text that cannot be rpresented as



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